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Pangit is a two part self-vulcanizing rubber putty. When the two parts are mixed together in equal parts, Pangit will vulcanize at room temperature. Vulcanizes to a resilient 55 to 60 Shore A hardness in 48 to 72 hours. Used for filling injuries in belts. Activator for Pangofol and Plastopang
Bufsol Cleaner is specially formulated to act as an environmentally friendly but very aggressive solvent.
Application: For cleaning surfaces in the rubber fabrication and splicing industry. Each splice or fabrication project is only as good as the solvents used, and Bufsol is excellent.
Environmentally Friendly (EF) Pangofol provides better adhesion than regular formula Pangofol.
 EF Pangofol is a chloroprene based two-part cold vulcanizing adhesive. It is flammable, oil and acid resistant, and cures to most rubber compounds such as Butyl, EPDM, neoprene, natural rubber, SBR or blends, as well as fabrics such as nylon and polyester.
Natural rubber cover stock is used for hot splices and designed to replace damaged, cut, or worn belt covers. Molded rubber repairs used to cover and protect surfaces where Pangit A&B fill was used. Also used to protect shallow cuts and rough areas.
Eli-Flex Adhesion Promoter for Eli-Flex Resin (FR909N60 and FR993)
Tools and accessories
Knives and Blades For belts 3/16" to 5/16" in thickness and maximum belt working tension of 200 PIW (Pounds Per Inch of Width).

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conventional vulcanizers
surface cleaner for Plastopang
All type of belt industry related machines are available
Standard Grade Rubber Sheeting - Food Quality Rubber Sheeting

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