Side Wall Conveyour belts

Since  the late Eighties, Continental Belting ,has been committed to the development of World Class,  Sidewall Conveyor Belts, and our products are now in use  in practically all the Continents.  We have been pioneers, and instrumental in popularizing this revolutionary technology, in India and overseas. We regularly produce sidewall belts upto 1800mm width.

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Benefits of Side Wall Belts
No Transfer Points
Right from the  feed hopper to the discharge point, the belt is capable of turning through any angle up to a vertical line and back to horizontal. This eliminates the need for multi drives and prevents product degradation and spillage at transfer points.

Practically Zero Spillage
Once the material is loaded onto the belt it is efficiently contained between the  sidewalls and is prevented by the cross cleat from falling back. As the belt travels along the conveying line it retains the load within its own ‘side skirts’,   eliminating spillage, but more importantly, as the sidewalls actually form part of   the belt there is none of the wear normally associated with side skirts. The smooth transition when changing angle also ensures the material remains within   the belt’s effective carrying area. 


Space Saving
In areas where land is at a premium, i.e. dockside, or within existing plant where space is a problem, CONTINENTAL SIDEWALL CONVEYOR BELTS provides the ideal solution. With the ability to convey material at angles up to 90 deg. the required ground space is minimal.


Minimum Maintenance - Long Belt
In cost comparisons between mechanical elevators and SIDEWALL BELT systems it has been proven that the SIDEWALL BELT has considerable advantages. The belt itself requires no maintenance and the reduced number of moving parts plus simple conveyor construction virtually eliminates costly downtime. 


Wide Range of Materials can be Handled
With the extensive range of belt sizes available, the CONTINENTAL SIDEWALL CONVEYOR BELT is capable of handling almost all materials: large lumps, free flowing, delicate or fragile substances, highly abrasive material, light weight or heavy loads. Our application engineers have the experience and a thorough working knowledge to specify the system to suit your needs.


Low Power Requirement, Quiet Smooth Running
A clear advantage of using an CONTINENTAL SIDEWALL CONVEYOR BELT system is the low power required to move the loaded belt. Because the system can elevate at steep angles (up to 90 deg.), centre distances tend to be small and even in high lift applications power required to elevate is considerably less than   in other systems. As the belt is running on rotating idlers, the low resistance results in a quiet system, an advantage when operating in close proximity to personnel. Where environmental factors need to be considered, the system can be totally enclosed.


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