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We represents the world leading company in any type belt repairing. The manual and the system wise environment for reparing. Together with the compound and tools provided, We also provide the solution to your belt repairs which protect your belt from further damages and prolong the conveyor belt service. We are authorised dealer for Zero Size brlt. We have world wide experience for Repairing of printing belt, Size zero belt belt repairing, Conveyr belt repairing, lathia Belt repairing. we have experience in repairing Forbo , Habasit, Lathia Rubber Belt repairing with many world level compaines.


Services List

  • Textile Printing Belt Repairing
  • Size Zero Belt Selling and Repairing
  • Conveyr Belt Repairing
  • We solve the Joint Problem
  • We solve the salvage problem
  • We solve the belt damage problem
  • We solve the belt air bubble problem
  • Computer printing belt joining


We are also in

conventional vulcanizers
surface cleaner for Plastopang
All type of belt industry related machines are available
Standard Grade Rubber Sheeting - Food Quality Rubber Sheeting

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Damage Problem Solve for PU BELT / Solve Fire Damage Problem / With in only 2 Days

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