PU Types

A comprehensive range of PU belting in standard width of 118” (3000mm). For clients that buy in slab form and do not have 118” slitting capabilities we can slit to the required width before shipping.

Series P
88° or 92° Shore A cover hardness. Urethane with excellent resistance to vegetable, animal and mineral fats and oils, plus many others chemical products. Suitable for contact with food products as per FDA/USDA requirements. High resistance to abrasion. Antistatic belts (except P6/VF and P6/BF).
Type P6/A is a specific for chocolate glazing. Type P7/A is a one-ply belt that has the strength of a two-ply and flexibility of a one-ply, suitable far small pulley diameters. Types P6/VF and P6/BF with flexible weft are suitable for corners. Type PV8/A is specific for wood panels conveyors.

Series SL
Belts with multifilament fabrics that have improved edge wear properties, are suitable for use on small pulley diameter, have good oil and fat resistance and a PU skim on the bottom side. Ideal for use in food conveying and processing applications, mainly bakery biscuit and cookie; chocolate and confectionery. Also suitable for use as a power turn belt.

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conventional vulcanizers
surface cleaner for Plastopang
All type of belt industry related machines are available
Standard Grade Rubber Sheeting - Food Quality Rubber Sheeting

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